How to Prepare a TJQMBB Workshop

Before Workshop

  • View Workshop Agenda (updated August 2018)
  • Be physically and mentally prepared. The trainer is coming prepared to deliver a full, 2-day training workshop with a total of 16 hours (8 hours a day) of intensive training. Each day, the participants will be fully engaged with substantive lecture/discussion content and approximately 6 hours of learning and performing physical exercises of various forms/movements contained in the program. The trainer will work diligently to present the full content of the program within the time allotted.
  • The trainer will NOT certify the attending individuals for the program. Instead, a Certificate of Completion will be issued at the end of the 2-day training. To be awarded a Certificate of Completion , each student is expected to complete all 16 hours of training at the workshop.
  • Preview program content

After Workshop

  • Sign up (register) at the program website at: to obtain program-related information and stay updated with the program teaching materials. Please note that the web system is only open to those who were trained by an ORI authorized trainer.
  • Put the knowledge and skills learned in practice by starting teaching a class at the local community as soon as possible, preferably immediately. The Class Teaching Plan that was given to you at the workshop should assist you in getting the class started and rolling.
  • Look for an opportunity to attend an Enhanced Training Course (highly recommended). This extra effort is critically important to reinforce what you have learned from the workshop, to enhance your teaching confidence, and to help you do a better job at delivering the class.
  • The following areas on the TJQMBB Instructor’s Page (log in is required) serve as companion materials to Class Teaching Plan
    • Teaching Session Examples from Teaching Plan
    • Instructor’s Teaching Corner

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