TJQMBB Training, Certification and Fidelity

Interested in attending a training workshop?

Please contact authorized TJQMBB trainers about workshop training opportunities; the first step towards certification. In some cases, on-site training workshops may be arranged by contacting these trainers. You may also wish to check out our Events Calendar.

What do you do at the workshop?

  • Agenda (generic description)
  • Techniques and skills to be learned at workshop (Practice List)
  • A peek at the form routine (by Fuzhong Li, Ph.D., the developer)
  • fees for the 2-day workshop
    • $375 per individual plus $25 for Class Teaching Plan
    • group training fees range from $2400 – $3000 plus Class Teaching Plans ($25 per copy)

Levels of Instructor Certification

TJQMBB offers two levels of certification: Level 1 and Level 2

  • Click here for certification information
  • Click here for application procedure

Program Fidelity Evaluation

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